AutoCMS is a Content management system aimed at small companies, business or personal websites. AutoCMS is licensed under New BSD License and written in the PHP programming language. It works on plain text files and thus does not need a database.

This CMS can be used to generate a basic content website. Submit a form on a page with a password protected administration for the administrator to enter the control panel. Create several options on the content sections that supports common site but the programmer can easily expand them. The CMS generates a PHP file definitions establishing the settings according to the user choices.

The main application script includes class and options generated to determine how to present the site according to the values ??of the options that the user chooses. The page layout can be configured using CSS styles.

The main idea of creating a CMS, when there are many stores data in files as constants. Php extension, these files are read-only permissions for users and read-write for the owner.

By storing the values ??of the contents of the entire website in. Php and define them as constants right there, I can call the system once and display them many times without making unnecessary repeated calls to the file system or database .

This approach allows the CMS program is very fast and avoid bottlenecks, showing the full site in seconds.

To our knowledge, no other CMS to perform these operations in its core. These types of techniques are rare but are interesting because they have the data stored in memory and precargarlos before showing them to you helps the programmer dedicated server loads to other situations instead of having headaches because there are slow connections databases.

The programmer can store your data according to a database abstraction on file arrange it as tab-delimited tables or creating a pseudo-indices structure that allows access to information faster. Default AutoCMS requires each content section is assigned to a constant, and to look for something in the same and submit the programmer only makes constant call to itself and can do a command array explode (string $ delimiter, string $ string [, int $ limit]) so you can find a singular term and submit, or if you only want to present the entire contents of the section do a command echo of the constant.

While databases are rare archive them have been used in postal managers, and other applications for years now with great use to give mobile devices are becoming popular database management SQLite flat data as having similarities with the way AutoCMS it reports.


Comparing the model database with the way file stores data AutoCMS

Comparing the model flat file database with the way stores data AutoCMS:

While it does flat file database in rows by columns where each column header is the name of the field and each row is a record.



Row1 data data
Row2 data data


AutoCMS stores the information this way:

bool define (string $ name, mixed $ value [, bool $ case_insensitive = false])

This way you can check if the data exists and can be invoked by name in its definition, often because initially define is already loaded in memory. That is, AutoCMS uses PHP functions directly without having to perform additional functions to manage data storage and this is a bonus code and saving time.

A very advantageous option of using constant definitions to store the data is automatically maintains its overall value constant throughout the program and is in the code, this allows processing time to leave innecario the server processor, not going to read directions memory that greatly accelerates again the software, but also vacates the programmer having to write database calls whenever required, which are often long, complicated and repetitive, the way it is conceived to only insert AutoCMS constant identifier already obtained the desired result.


v1.0, July 2009: Auto CMS is published in It is a CMS that uses only 1 file. No database required, 1 css style, many bugs have been fixed which and improve the CMS. the community help to to improve it in upcoming versions.

v1.3, March 2010:Auto CMS has improved. Added many validations, more options, css styles can be selected in the Control Panel (autodetected) and more. New options in this version: select the theme in control panel.

v1.6 ,July 2010 : Auto CMS is a stable cms, with 1 year old, Auto CMS fixed many bugs, and improved code definitions, begun using the MVC model. New options in this version: additional options in control panel, front end messages, fixed many bugs.

v1.8 Auto CMS, October 2010 : Get de MVC model. The model, driver and presentation are separate, use Templates for presentation, defined by constants.

v2.0 Auto CMS, May 2011 : Change Template model, separate public and private class-functions, visual text editor, fixed many bugs.

Main features

Flat File

Store Data in flat file this is the best, the data is defined at constants from engine the cms, load all in memory and not is necesary recall another time to show data, because, load one time show many times, is the principal idea, No database required,Less than 10kb in the main and fucntional file.

Access control

Password is protected with SHA1,Only one user (without nickname, only password protected).


Theme Switcher plugin included and ready to receive more plugins.


Css styles easy to build and to change.

Search Engine Access

The generated contents are user friendly for search engines.

Browsers Access

The result is displayed correctly in all browsers.


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AutoCMS is a cms based on flat file database,very interesting and fast!
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