OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. A robust e-commerce solution for Internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost. OpenCart is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.
Version : Release Date : 23-04-2014
Space Required 17.27 MB

PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution was built to take advantage of essential Web 2.0 innovations such as dynamic AJAX-powered features and next-generation ergonomy. PrestaShop guides users through your product catalog intelligently and effortlessly, turning intrigued visitors into paying customers.
Version : Release Date : 10-04-2014
Space Required 48.31 MB

Abante Cart is a free PHP based eCommerce solution for merchants to provide ability creating online business and sell products online quick and efficient. AbanteCart application is built and supported by experienced enthusiasts that are passionate about their work and contribution to rapidly evolving eCommerce industry. AbanteCart is more than just a shopping cart, it is rapidly growing eCommerce platform with many benefits.
Version : 1.1.9 Release Date : 14-05-2014
Space Required 45.86 MB

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for online businesses. WHMCS handles everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning and management. With WHMCS, you’re in control with a very powerful business automation tool. You will need a License to install and run WHMCS.
Version : 5.3.7 Release Date : 13-05-2014
Space Required 24.07 MB

Magento is an Open Source ecommerce web application launched on March 31, 2008. It was created by Varien, building on components of the Zend Framework.
Version : Release Date : 16-05-2014
Space Required 92.04 MB

osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution.
Version : Release Date : 25-09-2013
Space Required 4.57 MB

Zen Cart truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The ecommerce web site design program is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think ecommerce web design could be and should be done differently.
Version : 1.5.1
Space Required 11.15 MB

TheHostingTool is aiming to provide the next generation in free, hosting applications. It provides you, the webhost, near complete automation on everything you want it to do. So that means, signup, monthly posts checking, suspension, and termination. While it does that, it provides client features, like the client control panel that gives the clients the power to manage their account.
Version : 1.2.6 Release Date : 01-04-2013
Space Required 6.84 MB

Loaded 7 is a responsive ecommerce web application. Based on a 3rd generation e-commerce platform, Loaded 7 includes new mobile responsive template in both admin and catalog.
Version : Release Date : 21-05-2014
Space Required 33.97 MB

TomatoCart is open source shopping cart software using the ExtJS RIA framework, which makes it second-to-none friendly to users. TomatoCart covers nearly all the features a shopping cart could ever have and is continuing progressing with its roadmap. TomatoCart can hardly tear yourself away from the desktop-and-multiwindow administration panel with other shopping cart solution experience.
Version : Release Date : 28-02-2014
Space Required 30.35 MB

BoxBilling New generation free billing software! Complete client management, billing & support software. BoxBilling is free and will always be free! You can sell any product imaginable – web hosting, software licenses, servers, downloadable products and setup any custom products.
Version : 3.6.11 Release Date : 11-06-2013
Space Required 13.62 MB

Avactis offers an extremely convenient set of tools to quickly launch an online business. Avactis Shopping Cart is a software package that allows you to open an online store on the Internet. Compared to other similar software, Avactis offers a unique advantage of very simple integration of the online store into your existing site. For many similar systems, integration of an online store is a big problem that requires a lot of time and effort. Avactis eliminated this labor-intensive task by using special tags. As a result avactis can offer their customers a very convenient tool for the quick launch of an online business.
Version : 4.2 Release Date : 25-03-2014
Space Required 35.10 MB

Quick.Cart is a simple and functional shopping cart for you and your customers. Intuitional products and orders management, amazing abilities to extend script and easy installation makes our script unique!
Version : 6.4 Release Date : 15-04-2014
Space Required 1.23 MB

LiteCart is a new innovative free shopping cart platform developed in PHP. Founded by swedish developer T. Almroth. Based on the latest modern technology such as PHP 5.3+, jQuery, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Logical design and a simple to use interface. The framework is constructed to be lightweight and easy for developers to modify and build upon.
Version : 1.1.1 Release Date : 02-04-2014
Space Required 3.98 MB

CubeCart is a complete ecommerce shopping cart software solution. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers globally. Established in 2003 CubeCart is a hugely popular eCommerce solution enjoyed by tens of thousands of merchants globally.
Version : 5.2.11 Release Date : 20-05-2014
Space Required 16.73 MB

AlegroCart is a free open source e-commerce shopping cart solution based on MVC Framework. You can have your own shopping cart operational in a very short time, which can be managed through administration by you and your staff. AlegroCart comes with a modular template system that features separate style folders. Templates, Styles, Colors, and page layouts as well as module layout are all set by the template manager in admin.
Version : 1.2.8 Release Date : 19-12-2012
Space Required 11.10 MB

phpCOIN is a free WebWare package originally designed for web-hosting resellers. phpCOIN helps resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk, but no longer limited to hosting resellers.
Version : 1.6.5
Space Required 6.20 MB

Axis commerce is a powerfull open source e-commerce platform. Axis commerce is a provides Multiply stores management, Admin Ajax user interface, One page checkout and SEO friendly.
Version :
Space Required 38.39 MB

PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution was built to take advantage of essential Web 2.0 innovations such as dynamic AJAX-powered features and next-generation ergonomy. PrestaShop guides users through your product catalog intelligently and effortlessly, turning intrigued visitors into paying customers.
Version : Release Date : 27-06-2013
Space Required 33.89 MB

Open Source Point of Sale is a point of sale system built on top of a CodeIgniter base. It therefore is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database backend for data storage. This means that it’ll run on any system with a web browser and can be run on a local server or hosted for multiple clients to access.
Version : 2.2.1 Release Date : 30-03-2014
Space Required 2.81 MB

Zeuscart shopping cart is based on PHP application and it is used as scripting language which facilitates developer in making dynamically driven websites. It is very facile to learn and understand. Zeuscart is an incredibly stable & richly-interfaced, open source shopping cart and it’s a simple E-commerce software package which allows, even a non-technical person to open an online store on the Internet, with minimal efforts. Zeuscart is a web-based PHP/My SQL shopping cart which is simple, powerful and easy to use. Zeuscart includes a number of marketing-tailored features that can help you increase your online sales, promote repeat purchases, and boost customer satisfaction.
Version : 4.0
Space Required 15.39 MB

Open eShop is a PHP script which allows you to start selling any digital good, like MP3, eBooks, Movies, Software.. or any Service you offer. Just within minutes in your own hosting. With OE you will be able to give support to your customers from the panel and notify of new updates to your buyers. You can also auto generate license numbers to your sales.
Version : 1.4 Release Date : 28-04-2014
Space Required 4.92 MB

Blesta Automatically Invoice & Manage Clients With Ease. Blesta is a well written, secure, user and developer friendly client management, billing, and support application. Written in PHP on our very own open source minPHP MVC framework, Blesta is object oriented and extendable
Version : 3.2.0 Release Date : 15-05-2014
Space Required 34.77 MB

CS-Cart is the best shopping cart solution for building an ecommerce website of any size: from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall. A ready storefront, support for many payment and shipping options, full inventory control, unlimited products, promotional tools, and other ecommerce software features out-of-the-box. CS-Cart shopping cart software offers a search engine friendly environment that involves the tableless layout, customizable META tags, friendly URLs and Google sitemap. This all contributes well to the proper indexing of your web store and generally improves its ranking among the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing.
Version : 4.1.5 Release Date : 20-05-2014
Space Required 120.63 MB

Magento is an Open Source ecommerce web application launched on March 31, 2008. It was created by Varien, building on components of the Zend Framework.
Version :
Space Required 76.43 MB

ClientExec offers online help desk software intended to enhance the ability of small and mid-sized hosting businesses to manage help and support issues. Because the online help desk software can be accessed from any web browser, managers and staff can increase the flexibility and effectiveness with which they address client support issues. ClientExec’s software includes an easy-to-use interface that enhances communication between clients and staff. E-mail messages sent through the online help desk software are automatically routed and tracked, so you don’t have to spend time chasing after lost messages. Support tickets can be quickly sorted, filtered, and assigned to individual team members, ensuring that the tickets are addressed in the most efficient possible manner.
Version : 5.0.1

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