Class Auto CMS

This class can be used to generate a basic content site.

It can present a form in an administration page protected with a password to let the administrator set several options about common site content sections that it supports.

The class can generate PHP file with definitions that set configuration options according to the options the user set in the form.

The main application script includes the class and the generated options to determine how to present the site based on the option values.

Currently the class can present site pages with automatic headers, footers, a menu bar with links to an about section, news section,products and services, a contact form.

The page presentation is configurable with CSS styles.

What is Innovative from Auto CMS

“Sometimes you need to create a simple institutional site for your company or for a customer, that only requires the same basic pages.

This class provides a very simple solution to let users setup simple sites without programming knowledge and without requiring a database server.

The class generates the necessary PHP code to customize the site page elements, such as headers, footers, menus and even an about section, contact form and a blog or news section.”

Manuel Lemos

Download Auto CMS