Scripts to install Ads Management

OSClass is all you need to easily create your own classifieds website. It’s a free and open script to create your advertisement or listings site.
Version : 3.3.2 Release Date : 17-12-2013
Space Required 13.43 MB

Noah’s Classifieds Free Version is a great Classifieds App that can be used for any niche.
Version : 3.2.0
Space Required 5.64 MB

Revive Adserver is the open source ad server formerly known as OpenX Source. Revive Adserver enables publishers, ad networks and advertisers to Serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions.
Version : 3.0.4 Release Date : 09-04-2014
Space Required 44.25 MB

OpenClassifieds is a free open source script for classifieds, advertisement or listings. This web application is developed to be fast, light, secure and SEO friendly. Template enabled and easy to administrate.
Version : 2.1.6 Release Date : 02-05-2014
Space Required 7.82 MB

GPixPixel is a FREE yet powerful million pixel script, based on the popular marketing concept. Advanced settings include, among others, the ability to use interlaced images, temporarily take the site down for maintenance and put it back online when all changes are done, and enable/disable blog comments. Multiple payment modules available for pixel purchasing, including Authorize.Net, PayPal, NOCHEX, PSiGates, and others. More are being added all the time. PayPal IPN is fully supported, too!
Version : 1.4.1
Space Required 6.02 MB