The Best Landing Page,lightweight,smaller and Opensource CMS with all the necessary in the minimal space!


And Now, Autocms is responsive!!

AutoCMS is perfect to write sales brochures or newsletters. It is customizable, allows the use of HTML, images, links, youtube videos, and more..

AutoCMS 2 is fast and clean: AutoCMS scores 100/100 in PageSpeed and Yslow Grade A-100%(without JS as Histats counters or Google analytics).

AutoCMS 2  is now available with many improvements including Template switching, separate public and private class-functions, visual text editor, and more..
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About AutoCMS,The Smallest CMS

With Auto CMS you can have a website in 1 minute! Upload the package using your favorite FTP program to your webhost, and enjoy of your own website.

My name is Roberto Aleman from Venezuela. I am a web developer and wrote AutoCMS because I have seen many developers of  of web contents who try to please too many types of users. There are not many options that I have seen, that is available for free and accessible to users that do not know a lot about web programming for the Internet..

My initial idea was to create a CMS so that users can work in an autonomous way and could have a presence on the Internet in a quick and simple  way...

The smallest CMS, with all the necessary options in a small footprint, providing all you need to have a presence on Internet. Below are the features of this CMS:

- You can select the theme in control panel
- Less than 10kb in the main and fucntional file
- No database required
- Only one user (without nickname, only password protected)
- Password is protected with SHA1
- Css styles easy to build and to change
- Very very fast
- XHTML and CSS Valid by W3C!
- Store Data in flat file
- Back up your data and download the backup file using FTP
- The generated contents are user friendly for search engines.
- The result is displayed correctly in all browsers.
- Control panel in Spanish and English Language.
- Theme Switcher plugin included

Lastly, but very important, you update all the content without having programming knowledges.

To Install

1.- Unzip the package
2.- Edit this line:

on vars.php file, and put your domain name at :

3.- Upload the files to you webhost
4.- Click on * simbol in the footer, and default password is 123
5.- Customize your links, contents and basic data, remember to change the default password.

Note: in localhost do not use .htaccess


logoPHP INNOVATION AWARD Nominee on July 2009, 2nd Place, :   In 2009 I published the class Auto CMS, it was nominated for best innovation award using php and came in second place. I think it should have won that class and Auto CMS has maintained its position as a stable CMS over time.

AutoCMS have been published in :

autocms in phpclasses

autocms freshmeat

autocms google code   Google Code

Change log:

v2.0 Auto CMS, May 2011 : Change Template model, separate public and private class-functions, visual text editor
v1.8 Auto CMS, October 2010 : Get de MVC model completed. The model, driver and presentation are separate, use Templates for presentation, defined by constants.
v1.6 ,July 2010 : Auto CMS a stable cms, with 1 year old, Auto CMS fixed many bugs, and improved code definitions, begun using the MVC model. New options in this version: additional options in control panel, front end messages, fixed many bugs.
v1.3, March 2010:Auto CMS has improved. Added many validations, more options, css styles can be selected in the Control Panel (autodetected) and much more. New options in this version: Can select the theme in control panel
v1.0, July 2009: Auto CMS is published in It is a CMS that uses only 1 file. No database required, 1 css style, many bugs have been fixed which and improve the CMS. I have listened to the AutoCMS community so as to improve it in upcoming versions.

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Hosting and Downloads

Package Source:

OPTION 1: Get Now!,AutoCMS and install here FREE VERSION, MINIMAL OPTIONS...!


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